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Having now run our courses as virtual classes for more than a year, we find as ever, that there is a balance to be struck.  Commuting and time away from our families, pitched against the buzz of the classroom. We have done our own testing, and have found that classes with 7 or fewer allow for ideal levels of interaction between not just delegates and trainer, but amongst delegates themselves. We of course sometimes have technical issues, but in my view train delays were worse - at least from home we are in control of what we do next.

We have found that we are naturally more relaxed when teaching from our own environment, and can successfully juggle others going about their own jobs in helping us keep our homes running, whilst we get on with ours - all economies matter.

For very many of you, this also means that work at the office does not stop because you are on a course. We get it - we help by being as flexible as we can and by staying late each day if anyone needs it for exam revision.


Of course, there are wider implications for the planet - we reduce our carbon footprint by not commuting, not staying in hotels and by not buying packaged sandwiches! We hope to see you on one of our courses soon. 

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