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ISTQB® Certified Foundation Level Tester 1st March 2022

01-03-2022 9:00 am - 03-03-2022 5:00 pm

The price shown includes the exam but excludes VAT.

This course is aimed at those new to testing, or those wishing to demonstrate their knowledge by gaining certification. It is viewed as the de-facto standard  qualification in software testing by many organisations around the world. It is quite an intense course, covering testing activities across the development lifecycle. This includes testing that could be carried out by BAs, developers, testers and users, amongst many stakeholders. 

Please expect to do homework on each evening of the course, and prior to the exam.  Click on the heading above for the full course agenda.

ISTQB® Certified Mobile Application Tester 5th April 2022

05-04-2022 9:00 am - 06-04-2022 5:00 pm

The price shown includes the exam but excludes VAT. Note that to sit this exam you must already hold the ISTQB® CTFL.

This course has been selected for testers due to its short duration and practical elements. It is just 2 days, and provides the opportunity to see and use tools in class. 

The ISTQB Certified Mobile Application Tester course provides a thorough grounding in the activities required for testing mobile applications.  This includes sources of analytical data for use in setting business direction.  It also delves into the technical aspects of mobile devices and communication protocols.  It adds hands-on experience of using Android Studio to carry out testing on mobile apps, including stress testing using the Monkey Tool. 

Please note that having Android Studio on your machine is helpful for hands-on work, but not essential - we have a work around for this in class.  Click on the heading above for the full course agenda.

Python Foundations 2nd May 2022

02-05-2022 9:00 am - 04-05-2022 5:00 pm

The price shown excludes VAT. There is no exam with this course.

This course has been selected for testers, to provide an introduction to coding. It is suitable for those new to programming or Python.  We have chosen Python due to its ever growing popularity - it is now tipped to overtake Java and C for top spot as programming language of choice. 

We create a can-do mindset in class.  The teaching is carried out in very small bite-sized chunks – you learn then you do – when you do it yourself, it sticks. We immerse you in the developer world, and you will create your own programs from the start.

Note that you must have a laptop with Python and associated libraries installed – these are all freely available and we will send full instructions on how to download them.

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