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About Us

How we prepare for you 

  • Our trainers are selected for their real world knowledge, combined with training know-how
  • We offer courses to support the tester, with the DevOps world in mind - more will be added soon, so please check back
  • We study your industry before you join us
  • We offer unbiased advice on the suitability of any course to your needs
  • We send you the materials in hard copy form, so that you can make notes as required
  • If you are booking for a group, we can handle the admin for you. We offer discounts for 2 and 3 or more on the same course at the same time. This saves our time, so we say thank you
  • We offer a 10% early-bird discount on Pinta's courses - to once again say thank you - for allowing us to prepare in good time.

How we run our courses 

  • We have in-depth knowledge - so we do not rely on the slides as our sole source of information
  • We have decades of experience - we share our knowledge with passion
  • We have a maximum of 7 on Pinta's public courses - so that you feel able to participate as fully as you can
  • We set the pace to suit your needs at the time
  • We love teaching - so we have fun in class
  • There is no travel, so we offer after-class revision to those who need it.
  • Our feedback from delegates is routinely rated as 'Excellent'.

What we do after your course 

  • We stay in contact until exam day to assist with any technical or admin issues
  • We study your feedback and the exam results to be sure that they reflect our expectations
  • We contact you promptly should there be any issues that need to be dealt with
  • We remove your data from the database unless you ask us to keep in touch.

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