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As we go through the 'should we, shouldn't we' questions on the edges of our minds, adopting a work mindset can help. Yes, we do want to go out, but how necessary is the trip? In the end, it is all about risk.  In testing, we know about dealing with risks. We assess, prioritise, then we mitigate. Should we bring this thinking home too? 

In the preparation stage, we could look at where we might like to go. Does it need to be the place 'where everybody go' - to quote that awesome summer-time anthem from Mr. Smith, or might the children enjoy somewhere quieter where they can run and just be children? If I just want a meal out with friends could I support the restaurant and miminise risk by having a takeaway at home if I am in a surge area, just for the next week or two, to allow us all to breathe just that bit easier?

If I am desperate for a flight out of the country, going anywhere - well, as we all know, if the risk is very high - we mitigate anyway - don't fly! If a loved one is ill and away - yes, I want to be there, but who am I leaving behind? What is the risk now?


As testers we know this - bugs, if left unchecked, multiply and spread. The race has begun - vaccine vs virus - let human intelligence and kindness both go viral - so we can all step out, safely.

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