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I often hear people talk about 'me time'. From the conversations, this appears to be viewed as a time where you discharge your responsibilities to others, and take heed of your own needs. For me, this is unrealistic. My mental health is dependent on being a part of so much more than me - the people around me; my work; my hobbies and the ending of Line of Duty - the last being somewhat lacking -...

I have been struck by the continual reporting of the unjust treatment of sub postmasters wrongly accused of defrauding the Post Office. I have heard many reporters speak on the subject.  I have heard from the victims; the politicians and thankfully, the law.  What struck me was the lack of reply from the dev team who designed, built, tested and released the software. 

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Having now run our courses as virtual classes for more than a year, we find as ever, that there is a balance to be struck.  Commuting and time away from our families, pitched against the buzz of the classroom. We have done our own testing, and have found that classes with 7 or fewer allow for ideal levels of interaction between not just delegates and trainer, but amongst delegates...

As we go through the 'should we, shouldn't we' questions on the edges of our minds, adopting a work mindset can help. Yes, we do want to go out, but how necessary is the trip? In the end, it is all about risk.  In testing, we know about dealing with risks. We assess, prioritise, then we mitigate. Should we bring this thinking home too? 

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