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I have been struck by the continual reporting of the unjust treatment of sub postmasters wrongly accused of defrauding the Post Office. I have heard many reporters speak on the subject. 

I have heard from the victims; the politicians and thankfully, the law. 

What struck me was the lack of reply from the dev team who designed, built, tested and released the software. 

Of course, failures in software are to be expected, even in live. The catastrophic live isssues with the software were reported over a decade ago, but as the bugs escaped, it took people's freedoms with it - some were despatched to jail.

Do live issues in software require petitions, reporters and legal rulings to be acknowledged?

Have we now made provision for the dev team to step into the fray when software failures jump species - from machine to human - affecting real lives, livelihoods and the most crushing of all - mental health?

In those days, Agile was probably not the norm. Perhaps it was not ok to admit that you did not know what you did not know. We know better now - I hope.

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