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I often hear people talk about 'me time'. From the conversations, this appears to be viewed as a time where you discharge your responsibilities to others, and take heed of your own needs.

For me, this is unrealistic. My mental health is dependent on being a part of so much more than me - the people around me; my work; my hobbies and the ending of Line of Duty - the last being somewhat lacking - but this was not in my control - not me time at all.

My view of me time is not to discharge my responsibilities - but to take charge of them - all of them. I think; therefore I am - me.

If I am emotionally invested; if I am financially invested; if I am morally invested then everything I do involves me time.

When I look after a child or an elderly person, I have a plan. When the plan does not work, I change it. It is me time, because I am learning all the time.

When I am at work, I learn from my mistakes, it is me time - I will be rewarded in the future when I do it better or quicker.

When I watch tv or go to a show (soon...) - I enter someone else's world, to escape myself - me time needs a break.


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