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User Acceptance Training

This is a broad outline, which will be tailored to your specific needs. These will be elicited via video calls, after which we will submit our course outline for your approval before we engage.

Day 1

  • A brief overview of software development lifecycles and exploration of how your team develops software.
  • From the above, we establish roles and responsibilities of each function – in other words, what testing should reasonably have been carried out before UAT?
  • A brief look at the standard testing techniques taught in the accredited courses.
  • A discussion of how these may (or may not) make the job testing easier for you.

Day 2

  • A brief overview of the planning process for testing
  • Tailoring of this to your needs, based on our analysis and the learning from Day 1.
  • Takeaways in quality gates – a list of deliverables you can now request from the other teams in the project, and they from you – we really are all in this together.

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