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Why this course?

  • Code is of course the one constant in software development
  • If you’re a BA, a dip into code may give you ideas on how to shape your business – with knowledge comes innovation
  • If you’re a software tester, code is your sandbox – understanding how it is created will no doubt influence your approach to testing – adding value to the team
  • If you’re a new programmer – you will have fun here, no pressure, just lots of learning – code – fix – code more – fix – you’ve got this.
  • If you’re not yet decided on a career path, we give you yet more food for thought!

Programming for Testers 5th December 2022

This course is run over 3 days.

The price shown excludes VAT. There is no exam with this course.

This course has been selected for testers, to provide an introduction to coding. It is suitable for those new to programming or Python.  We have chosen Python due to its ever growing popularity - it is now tipped to overtake Java and C for top spot as programming language of choice. 

We create a can-do mindset in class.  The teaching is carried out in very small bite-sized chunks – you learn then you do – when you do it yourself, it sticks. We immerse you in the developer world, and you will create your own programs from the start.

Note that you must have a laptop with Python and associated libraries installed – these are all freely available and we will send full instructions on how to download them.

Day 1 – computational thinking

  • Basic concepts of programming
  • Variables and variable types
  • Arithmetic evaluation rules
  • Looping Constructs
  • Problem Solving
  • Plenty of practical exercises throughout the day

Day 2 – extending Python

  • Procedures and Functions
  • Lists and List handling
  • Data acquisition and manipulation
  • CSV Files and Excel databases
  • Extending Python with Libraries
  • Integrated Development Environment Features
  • Shortcuts
  • Built in Methods in Python
  • Error Trapping
  • Plenty of practical exercises throughout the day

Day 3 – building your own webpage

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


Dates & Downloads

Course Start Date
05-12-2022 9:00 am (GMT)
Course End Date
07-12-2022 5:00 pm (GMT)
Individual Price

This date is now fully booked. The ISTQB® Foundation course is a highly sought-after qualification, so we run them twice monthly - next dates below.

AI Python 1010

Why train with David Batty?

  • David has been working as a software developer for over 39 years and has taught for over 27 years
  • He teaches Computer Science, Computer Studies and ICT
  • His delegates include teachers who are new to programming – here he breaks down the topics so that they can create their own lesson plans
  • He is very confident in his knowledge, and thus creates a warm, friendly and challenging environment for you – the classroom is an ideal place to stretch yourself.