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ISTQB® Certified Mobile Application Tester 16th December July 2021

Team Rate

Max discount at 3 or more Rate/Person (£)
1 775.00
2 725.00
3 675.00

This course is run over 2 days, with the exam on a day soon after that suits you.

Day 1 - Theory (K1 - K3) and Practicals (H0 - H3)

  • Business Models - we discuss typical financial models, such as the differences between a free and a freemium model. We also show how to use readily available data, such as on device types; on operating systems and on use of social media to inform overall business strategies. We practise exam style questions.
  • Mobile technicalities - we cover communications protocols; emulators and simulators and you will have your first opportunity to try out Android Studio. We practise exam style questions.
  • Mobile App Test Types - this course provides an extensive list of things to cover when testing an app on mobile devices.  Many of these are obvious, however, as you may be aware, the obvious can often be missed when testing in a real project. We practise exam style questions.

Day 2 - Theory (K1 - K3) and Practicals (H0 - H3)

  • Mobile App Test Types - we continue where we left off on the first day. Once completed, the full list can be used as part of the Definition of Done for testing back at work. We practise exam style questions.
  • Experience-based Testing - here we discuss ways of organising session-based testing, such as using Tours and mnemonics, to assist with recall and repeatability. We practise exam style questions.
  • Mobile Test Labs and Automation - we finish with a brief look at options for remote testing and the use of tools in mobile testing. We practise exam style questions.
  • Final exam preparation - you will be provided with your joining instructions for the exam.  We remain in contact until exam day, so that you have a familiar port of call for any questions or concerns.


Dates & Downloads

Course Start Date
16-12-2021 9:00 am (GMT)
Course End Date
17-12-2021 5:00 pm (GMT)

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