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Why this course?

  • People use IT systems every day – they all need to be tested if they are to meet customer expectations
  • We know that we face tough budgets, deadlines and ever-changing requirements
  • To face these challenges, we need a fundamental understanding of testing
  • This course provides a thorough grounding in software testing activities throughout the lifecycle
  • This underpinning knowledge allows us to direct testing with confidence, at any level
  • The ISTQB (R) CTFL has become the qualification of choice for many across the world.

Feedback from Rachel F - now an ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level

What went well for you?

Angelina’s delivery style and putting things into context using her own experiences really help to cement the learning.

I also really liked day two with the testing models, they just feel like logic puzzles, which I tend to do a lot of!

Being lucky to land on a course with just one other participant meant we could both ask lots of questions, so we got pretty undivided attention, which was lovely.

I liked the question run throughs at the end of sections, to demonstrate understanding, but also to see examples of how the exam would be worded.

What did not go so well for you?

The theory on day one is a lot to take in. I understand why it’s all on that day, but it is a lot.

What have you learnt that you will take forward into the workplace?

A lot of the static testing stuff; I want to get rid of the defects in the documentation so that they don’t make it into development. I’ll definitely be implementing a process for document review (functional specs and user stories to start with) before anything gets near being developed.


Happy to hear that you will bang the drum on the static testing - getting the requirements agreed upfront is a demanding task, but it does save on costs downstream. 

ISTQB® Certified Foundation Level Tester 5th June 2023 - 3 days

£795 + VAT, exam included (online or at a test centre).

This is a 4 day course - shorter days to allow more time for revision or getting back to the day job.

Courses run from 9am to 3pm.

This course is run over 3 days, with the exam on a day soon after that suits you.

Day 1 - Theory Day (K1 - K2)

  • Fundamentals of testing - this includes principles of testing and the test process, both of which set up your underpinning knowledge and understanding, not just for your assessments, but for managing testing in your future career. We practise exam style questions.
  • Software development lifecycles - here we put the V and iterative models in context in today's world. This learning complements the testing fundamentals to provide the understanding of how testing fits into the overall project. We practise exam style questions.
  • As homework you revise the day's learning and practise more exam style questions.

Day 2 - Techniques Day (K1 - K3)

  • Static testing techniques - here we show why it is still important to review requirements and user stories before expending energy on cutting any code. Whilst this may seem obvious, the nature of software development can mean that we run too fast and fail too late. To address this, we show why we should 'shift left'. We practise exam style questions.
  • Dynamic testing techniques - here we show the value of designing tests, including the valuable traceability that this affords when bugs escape into the next stage of development, despite your best efforts. We cover black-box; white-box and experienced-based test design techniques. We practise exam style questions.
  • As homework you revise the day's learning and practise more exam style questions.

Day 3 - Final Theory Day (K1 - K3)

  • Test Management - we wrap up the course with a look ahead to how you may manage projects in the future.  We discuss the value of independent testing, even in cross-functional teams.  We provide a reminder of the necessity of considering risk at all times whilst testing.  For those yet to raise a bug, we take a look at a key deliverable from any test effort - to highlight potential problems in software and the associated risk with not addressing them. We practise exam style questions.
  • Test Tools - this is a very brief look at how the testing process may be supported through the use of automation in testing. We practise exam style questions.
  • Final exam preparation - you will be provided with your joining instructions for the exam.  We remain in contact until exam day, so that you have a familiar port of call for any questions or concerns.

Dates & Downloads

Course Start Date
05-06-2023 9:00 am (GMT)
Course End Date
07-06-2023 5:00 pm (GMT)
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Why train with Angelina Samaroo?

  • I know testing – I use the syllabus as my springboard to raise your knowledge
  • I am a co-author of the BCS book supporting this qualification.
  • I do my homework – I study your industry before your course, and tailor my examples to suit
  • I value your time – I want you to enjoy spending it with me
  • I know that exam pass rates matter – I’ve got this.
  • Virtual learning – it is a balance. Let’s save the commute for the necessities of life - the planet might breathe a little easier for it.

Feedback from Daniel B - now an ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level

What went well for you?

I’ve learnt an extraordinary amount in a very short space of time. My trainer was very knowledgeable and is clearly experienced in teaching. She did a fantastic job.

What did not go so well for you?

I felt like there was not enough time to revise after the course as the days were long and intense. Ideally an extra day or two would have helped.

What have you learnt that you will take forward into the workplace?

I’ve learnt what testing is most appropriate for my organisation, how to present my ideas to my seniors. I’ll use the information I learnt to upgrade our test processes.


Thank you for your kind comments. We will now offer a course spread over 4 days - shorter days, more time to revise - same fee, to help alleviate the strain on an intense course.